Tambass "Moonlight" Charter

Catch the night bite with Tambass Charters. May through July is the prime time for targeting striped bass on light tackle. Moonlight Charters run at peak times of each tide so as to ensure a bass experience to remember. The first part of your trip will include catching fresh bait. You will then be set up to chunk and live-line while anchored in the best structured areas. Your Tambass Captain factors in the given tide, wind condition, and moon phase to put you on bass. Bring dinner and drinks, and make a night of it with a Moonlight trip from Tambass Charters.

Dusk Discoverer

$300 .00
  • 3 Hours
  • Up To 5 People Aboard
  • Bait, Ice, & Tackle Included
  • Additional Time $100/hr

Trip Information

Our vessels are equipped with the latest state of the art electronics and U.S.C.G. approved safety equipment. We are U.S.C.G. Licensed and Insured. You are welcome to bring some of your own tackle if you wish. We recommend all anglers consider bringing polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and light foul weather gear on Tambass Charters adventures. As part of the unique and personal experience of fishing on a light tackle boat, you will fish together as a team with your Tambass Guide. We will provide bait, ice, tackle, and refreshments.

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