We're family, we're local, and fishing is our business.

Tambass Charters was founded by the Tambascio brothers, Bobby, Tyler, and Joey. In the water or on it, they relish in the exciting memories they’ve made and look forward to the journeys ahead. The late nights and early mornings spent charting waters, catching fish, scrubbing decks, and surfing coastlines across the country, has helped strengthen a brotherhood.

At Tambass Charters, the water is a gateway to a world of excitement, mystery, and suspense. Bobby‘s passion is clear to anyone he meets. Friends and colleagues have experienced his thirst for the sea while Tyler and Joey have followed in the wake of their brother and strive to make the Tambascio name synonymous with excellent fishing.

You will come across an authentic, personable, fishing experience that will leave you wanting more. Long Island sound is rich in aquatic life, tales, and opportunities. We welcome you to come aboard and see for yourself the thrill of the salt air, warm sun, and jigging lines this season.

C hartering services are the product of energy, enthusiasm, and the eagerness to share experiences with fellow anglers. The Tambascio brothers learned their trade from a young age and have designed services to reach anglers of all experience levels. Entering its fifth season, 2015 is sure to be an eventful and monumental year in fishing education and charter services.

Bobby Tambascio
Captain | Founder
Matt Gray

Together, we're Tambass Charters.

Tambass History

  • 2015
  • The Pro Team at Tambass Charters is proud to kickoff this upcoming season with support from its newest sponsor, St. Croix Rods. When it comes to rods, St. Croix has been a Tambass favorite for innovation and performance. The team is excited to fish its newest products this season.

    St Croix Rods

    WhyKnot Fishing
    WhyKnot Fishing
    WhyKnot Fishing

  • Spring Fever

    Things are really heating up for Tambass Charters. Joining "The Tambass" Vessel is a 23' SeaCraft with a Center Console and a T-Top for those hotter summer days. Tambass is expanding its presence and capacities, and is excited to offer charter services for larger parties.

  • 2014
  • In recognition of its service and model for business, Tambass earned sponsorship from BDO and SkunkBunker. The summer season recorded more than 200% growth.


    BD Outdoors
    BD Outdoors
    BD Outdoors

  • Media & Growth

    Tambass Charters kicked off the season as an LLC. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were great mediums for sharing stories, posting photos, and building a community of supporters and anglers.

  • 2013
  • Logos & Reports

    The 2013 season began with the launch of the newly equipped 21' Center Console Mako to kick off the season. In the spirit of change and branding, Tambass created its current logo and T's for its crew to wear while running charters. Tambass continues to grow professionally, while maintaining its local and homegrown feel.

  • Just as Bobby preserves his experiences on the water through woodworking and canvas art, he created a narrative for charter adventures. Detailed fishing reports could be found on the Tambass site. Now, all could share in the experience. With an impressive client return rate of 100%, Tambass continued to build on existing relationships, and welcomed new ones.

  • 2012
  • Groundswell

    Word of mouth has been a powerful tool. Word of memorable fishing experiences spread and as Tambass entered into its second season, Guided trips were in high demand. Proven results on the water have helped the Tambass name become synonomous with excellent fishing.

  • By its close, the 18' Center Console Wellcraft was sold. The sale was bittersweet, as it closed a chapter in fishing history for the Tambascio brothers. However, the story was just getting started. Tambass Charters would start off the 2013 season aboard a new vessel.

  • 2011
  • Summer Fun

    The start of the fishing season seemed like any other. There was ice in the cooler, the boat was fueled, lines were in the water, and fish were on the line. The consistency in approach and results gained the attention of boaters, and inquiries about the experience of fishing with the Tambascio brothers began.

  • Guided trips would lay the foundation for future charters. By providing private, guided, fishing excursions to locals, the Tambascio brothers began to build a network of anglers. The Tambass Charters name was growing.

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