Welcome to the Tambass Charter's Fishing Reports page. At Tambass Charters, each charter and guided trip is recorded and available so that you can relive the action. Share the adventure with friends and family - let the world see your talent as an angler in Long Island Sound through a Captain's report and photographs. New to Tambass Charters? Search previous fishing services by date or species. See for yourself the experience that awaits!

Classic Casts From January, 2021

Friday May 15, 2020

Fishing Report: Time 1430 Great first 2020 trip with the Bailey boys! Some very nice sea bass and school Striped bass on light tackle. Always a great time fishing with you and the boys Pete! High Tide 0639 Low Tide 1240 Wind Speed 0-5 MPH Wind Direction S

Friday May 15, 2020

Fishing Report: Time 0800 First trip out with Dan and Dec out of 5 mile and a huge success on the light tackle! We set up on a few drifts for fluke and were well rewarded with some very nice size fluke and many school bass. Awesome job as always Declan! High Tide 0639 Low […]

Friday May 8, 2020

Fishing Report: Time 0900 Some nice fishing starting to show up on the troll. Always a great time fishing with Sam and his crew thanks for making the trip in from the City! High Tide 1217 Low Tide 0653 Wind Speed 5-10 MPH Wind Direction W

Sunday May 5, 2020

Fishing Report: Time 0700 Fished with Mike Behringer out of RYC for a quick trip on the troll. We had 3 fish within an hour all just making the slot and safely released. Great first trip out on the 2020 season Mike! High Tide 0821 Low Tide 1450 Wind Speed 10-15 MPH Wind Direction SW

Sunday April 19, 2020

Fishing Report: Time 0700 Fished with the Kallen boys for the first trip of the season. We hit the shallows for the Spring Blackfish bite and were rewarded with a few nice fish for the table. All fish were caught on jigs tipped with crab or sand worms. High Tide 0959 Low Tide 1616 Wind […]

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