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Tambass Charters knows fishing. Founded and operated by the Tambascio brothers, Tambass Charters is a fishing education and charter service that operates out of lower Fairfield County in Connecticut. You don't need a big boat to run big business. With a fleet of center consoles, and minimal draft, Tambass will put you on the fish at any tide. Fishing charters - aboard with Tambass, Guided tours, and Moonlight Bass trips - are available for anglers of all ages.

Learn new skills and navigate Western Long Island Sound with Tambass Captains and Crew. Peak season runs from the end of April through the middle of November and targets Striped Bass, Bluefish, Scup, Seabass, Fluke and Blackfish. To learn more about popular species in Long Island Sound, visit our fishing regulations page or contact us directly. Thanks for checking out Tambass Charters.

Classic Charter

Come Aboard the Tambass Vessel

Guided Charter

Tambass Guide Joins You and Your Crew

Moonlight Charter

Evening Charter Aboard the Tambass Vessel

Marine Science Education

Experience & Education

Tambass Charters is proud to kick-off the 2015 season with an updated Marine Science Education Curriculum. Each day on the water is filled with opportunities to better understand the ins and outs of Long Island Sound. Explore the interconnectedness of terrestrial and aquatic life this summer, and raise your own awareness about the Long Island Sound and its watershed.

Classic, Guided, and Moonlight Charter trips are designed to educate through a thrilling experience. With an emphasis on life cycles, migratory patterns, and species behavior, Tambass Charters provides hands-on educative opportunities for all participating anglers. Marine Science Education has been collaboratively designed with anglers, educators, and local environmentalists.

Our Team

Members of the Tambass Pro Team are committed to exceptional service and the creation of learning opportunities. All members have a deep-rooted passion for the waterways and their communities. It is this determination and passion that has fueled the growth of a business. Tambass Pro Team members are ambassadors of the sport of angling and experts in their local waters.

Our Vision

At Tambass Charters, we're here for the long-haul. Our team is thankful for the Long Island Sound. We value safe-boating, conservation, and education. With a growing fleet, Tambass Charters provides unique fishing services to coastal towns along Long Island Sound. Captains and Crew work year-round to improve practices, nautical and environmental understandings, and create opportunities for communities to engage with their world.

Tambass Charters

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St. Croix Rods

When it comes to rods, St. Croix has been a Tambass favorite for innovation and performance. St. Croix is always pushing the outer limits of new manufacturing technologies to engineer and develop a rod that outperforms all others. Be sure to check out out the Integrated Poly Curve and Advanced Reinforcing Technology that's changing the angling world.

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